Epoxy injection for cracks repair

​HM-120l crack injection adhesive for struatural crack repair

2018-11-06 17:57:30

Overloading damage reinforcement for beam and slab structures

After the steel plate is bonded, a 25 mm thick epoxy mortar protective layer is applied on the surface of the beam. For the slab with a width of more than 0.2 mm and the crack-dense area, the cracks on the top of the slab are chiseled out in Fig. 2, showing C.

2018-10-24 17:58:10

Unification of decoration and structural reinforcement

This paper analyzes the safety problems caused by changing the original knot randomly in the renovation of existing buildings, and puts forward some structural strengthening methods and suggestions.

2018-10-24 17:16:03

CFRP Fabric Project Cases

Shanghai Horse Construction Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacture of structural strengthening system. Many structural strengthening project used HM carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) fabric/sheet/wrap

2018-10-12 18:34:02

Structural reinforcement for small and medium span bridges

These structural reinforcement methods are often used in the conventional reinforcement of medium and small span bridges. Due to the limited temporary economic capacity of our country, in order to ensure the safe operation of bridges, the maintenance and reinforcement of bridges is inevitable in a certain period of time.

2018-10-10 18:20:58

Carbon fiber reinforced beam and slab structure

Carbon fiber fabric is suitable for reinforcement and repair of various structural types and parts, such as beams, slabs, columns, roof trusses, piers, bridges, cylinders, shells and other structures. The strength grade of base concrete is not less than C15, and CFRP fabric has been successfully used in various beam and slab reinforcement and maintenance in China.

2018-10-09 11:31:21

FRP strengthening technology in bridge retrofitting

FRP composite strengthening of the bridge is similar to that of bonding the iron plate to the bearing edge of the cement component by chemical bonding agent, so that it can bear the supporting and compressive functions together with the bridge components, and then enhance the deformation resistance and bearing capacity of the bridge structure.

2018-09-25 17:20:47

FRP to reinforced concrete structures

The corrosion of the corroded damaged columns strengthened with FRP can be greatly reduced by corrosion, but the corrosion of the reinforcement in concrete can not be completely prevented.

2018-09-21 19:27:28

FRP reinforcement for bending members

The bridge has already entered the reinforcing and repairing period. The application of FRP to reinforce the bridge can effectively improve the corrosion resistance and strength of the bridge.

2018-09-21 17:04:35

RC beams strengthened with FRP laminates

The ultimate bearing capacity of concrete beams strengthened with FRP laminate is related to the initial stress level. The ultimate bearing capacity of concrete beams strengthened with FRP laminate is the largest when the initial stress is zero. The loading capacity of beams strengthened with fiber materials is the minimum when loading to 50% without unloading.

2018-09-20 18:16:31

Carbon fiber for structural reinforcement

Carbon fiber structural reinforcement technology is suitable for various types of structures, various structural parts of the reinforcement and repair, such as beams, slabs, columns, roof trusses, piers, bridges, cylinders, shells and other structures. The strength level of base concrete should be no less than C15. In addition, some mechanical properties of brick masonry can also be strengthened with carbon fiber.

2018-09-20 17:19:28

How to control cracks in shear walls

How to control cracks in shear walls? Epoxy injection concrete crack repair shear wall. FRP composite strengthening shear wall.

2018-09-18 17:36:08

Carbon fiber fabric reinforcement in interior decoration

The bonded carbon fiber fabric (CFRP) is a new type of reinforcement technology, which has been widely used and has produced great economic benefits. Compared with other traditional reinforcement technology, bonded carbon fiber fabric(CFRP) technology has the advantages of convenient construction, high efficiency, light and thin, and hardly increases weight and thickness after bonding.

2018-09-18 16:55:32

Carbon fiber fabric reinforced concrete column

Carbon fiber fabric reinforced concrete columns can change the axial stress state of concrete into three-dimensional stress state, and the bearing capacity and deformation capacity of confined concrete can be improved.

2018-09-17 18:39:05

Masonry walls strengthened with CFRP

The results of Strengthening Masonry Structure with carbon fiber fabric are mainly affected by the vertical normal stress, the ratio of height to width of masonry wall and the number of CFRP layers.

2018-09-17 18:12:04

Quality control of carbon fiber in bridge reinforcement

Carbon fiber fabric have the advantages of stable structure, light weight, good cold resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and are widely used in pure tensile components. This is extremely relevant to its excellent strength and stiffness.

2018-08-27 19:26:51

Steel beams strengthened with CFRP plates

In recent years, FRP materials, especially CFRP materials, have been widely used in civil engineering. Although not as widely used as reinforced concrete structures, CFRP reinforced steel structures have also begun to be applied to bridges and housing construction.

2018-08-21 16:34:47

Bridges strengthened by Prestressed FRP laminate

The prestressed CFRP laminate reinforcement system consists of three parts: anchorage, carbon fiber laminate and carbon fiber laminate adhesive.

2018-08-13 16:32:09

Strengthening of load-bearing members of bridge

Strengthening of load-bearing members on the upper part of bridge

2018-07-31 16:42:07

RC members retrofitting by carbon fiber wrapping

In this project, the method of outer wrapped steel is adopted, and the method of externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced wrap is adopted to reinforce and reinforce different parts and types of components.

2018-07-26 16:13:15