Anchoring reinforcement:The Nanjing Meiling Palace

strengthening The Nanjing Meiling Palace with HM-500 anchoring adhesive

The Nanjing Meiling Palace.jpg

After several decades, Nanjing Meiling palace because its shape resembles the "necklace" maxed circle of friends, friends said to Mrs. the most romantic gift for Jiang Jieshi.

After the founding of new Chinese, Meiling palace as had been as foreign business hotel,until March 2012, the 80 year old Meiling palace from the Jinling Hotel Group reclassified to Nanjing Zhongshan Cemetery Administration under the name of its first overall repair. The dilapidated Meiling palace inevitably ground crack leakage, wall cracking, peeling,aging pipelines painted many problems such as falling ceiling collapse, there is a serious safety hazard, renovation project imminent.Shanghai Horse construction reinforcing construction of the entire process to provide carbon fiber cloth, structure strengthening bonding adhesive, anchor bolt.


Meiling palace renovation

The Nanjing Meiling Palace2.jpg

The Nanjing Meiling Palace22.jpg

After the renovation of the Meiling Palace

The Nanjing Meiling Palace222.jpg

The Nanjing Meiling Palace2222.jpg

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