Rebar anchoring for structural retrofitting concrete

Structural rebar anchoring is to drill holes in the original concrete structure, insert steel bar into the hole of concrete, and inject structural glue.

2018-11-08 18:10:38

FRP material in structural reinforcement

With the development of technology, the new method of FRP reinforcement has developed from the strengthening and repair of industrial and civil buildings to the reinforcement and repair of bridges, tunnels, water conservancy projects and other special structures.

2018-09-26 17:38:56

How to reinforce cast-in-place slab openings

Holes should be looked at in specific locations. Opening holes while reducing load can generally add steel beams / cast-in-place beams, or partially wrap carbon fiber fabric.

2018-09-10 18:24:52

How to save the amount of adhesive for FRP strengthening?

When strengthening with FRP(fiber reinforced polymer composite), we should must to ensure good results, and also save cost. What should we do?

2018-09-06 16:26:06

Concrete beams strengthened with FRP wrap

FRP wrap has been widely used to repair and reinforce concrete structures in recent years because of its high strength-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and easy construction.

2018-08-30 18:34:55

Introduction of new technology for FRP strengthening

FRP composite strengthening includes two types: carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) fabric and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) strip. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete or steel-bonded concrete, carbon fiber has the advantages of space saving, simple construction, no need for site fixing facilities, easy construction quality assurance, no increase in structural size and weight, corrosion resistance and good durability.

2018-08-29 17:48:55

The slab capacity is insufficient, how to strengthen

The slab capacity is insufficient, how to strengthen? Strengthening with carbon fiber fabric and bonded steel plate

2018-08-22 18:34:57

Structural strengthening method for beam, column, slab

Common structural strengthening methods for beam, column, slab: sticking steel plate, bonded FRP composite materials, post installed anchoring, enlarged section.

2018-08-20 16:32:13

Seismic strengthening technology

The bonded carbon fiber reinforcement method refers to the bonding of carbon fiber sheets on the surface of concrete members with adhesive, giving full play to the tensile strength of carbon fiber, replacing steel bar. It is mainly used for strengthening the flexural capacity and shear capacity of concrete members.

2018-08-20 15:23:32

Problems and solutions of structural strengthening

Solutions of structural strengthening: externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) wrap, post installed anchoring, externally bonded steel plate.

2018-08-01 17:42:22

CFRP is frequently used for structrengthening in India

Why carbon fiber fabric is frequently used for structrengthening in India?Design, civil engineer, building standards, software, economic development

2018-07-24 15:49:01

Factors affecting the scheme of bridge strengthening

Combined with the characteristics and technical requirements of bridge reinforcement, the factors that affect the selection of bridge reinforcement schemes can be summarized as follows.

2018-07-23 16:57:32

Structural strengthening are different from the new construction

The structural strengthening works are aimed at the existing projects, which are subject to objective conditions, and reinforce the design and construction according to the existing conditions.

2018-07-16 15:52:06

Reinforcement of concrete beams with prestressed CFRP

Compared with the traditional carbon fiber reinforcement method, the high strength performance of the prestressed CFRP can be effectively used. The reinforcement effect is greatly improved than the CFRP, and it also has the advantages of CFRP reinforcement. It has shown remarkable effects in improving the flexural rigidity, bearing capacity, reducing the structural deformation and restraining the development of cracks.

2018-07-11 16:25:53

Three sentence tells you why need to reinforce existing building

The construction reinforcement and reconstruction means that the existing building should adopt reasonable reinforcement and repair measures on the basis of scientific testing and identification for some reasons, or improve the safety and durability of the original structure by structural transformation.

2018-07-09 16:32:43

Effectiveness of CFRP reinforcement for cracked brick walls

It is very effective to reinforce the cracked brick walls with CFRP sheets. The ultimate load of cracked wall strengthened with CFRP is significantly higher than that of unreinforced wall.

2018-07-02 17:03:19

FRP is an ideal material for bridge strengthening

Horse Construction is a manufacturer of structural strengthening system, we have more structural strengthening system for bridge strengthening. The fiber reinfroced polymer(FRP) material for bridge strengthening, includes carbon fiber fabric(CFRP fabric), CFRP strip, pre-stressed FRP laminate.

2018-06-27 16:22:03

Brdge retrofitting--reinforcing by steel plate

Steel plate strengthening method is to apply structural epoxy adhesive to the entire steel plate and then press it to the crack position of the bridge to be repaired.

2018-06-26 17:31:19

Four principles of building structural strengthening

It is very common to reconstruct unreasonable housing structures. Besides the load-bearing walls, which structures can not be changed easily.

2018-06-26 15:42:43

Can CFRP and steel plate be interchangeable for strengthening

The form and strengthening mechanism of the CFRP strengthening and the bonded steel plate are similar, which are essentially equal to the reinforcement of the components, and can be replaced with each other in the shear and bending reinforcement.

2018-06-14 16:03:00