Crack repair of bridge by crack injection adhesive

Crack repair of bridge by crack injection adhesive, bonded steel plate and externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) fabric.

Engineering survey

Jiaoji Railway Ky140 + 742.3 Weihe Right Line Bridge, the span of 9-31.7 m reinforced concrete beams (low height), the full length of the bridge 306 M. The transverse and longitudinal cracks of 0.05 to 1.5mm are found on the flange plate and web of the T beam, and the cracks are in the upper and the bottom and transverse. The cracks appear in the beam L / 4 L / 3 and the middle span. The floor is basically through and extends to the web and the root of the web. After testing by the design unit and the quality supervision station, it is confirmed that the condition of maintenance and reinforcement can continue to be used, so the 9 hole beam body of this bridge is repaired and strengthened. Repair crack length 3000m, bonded carbon fiber fabric 6000m, bonded steel plate 200 m.

Crack repair of bridge by crack injection adhesive

steel plate for bridge strengthening

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