“ Xianghuitang” keep silent there without a word but elegant

steel jacketing

In the west corner of Fudan university

There is an old building named “xianghuitang”

Hundred years….

It like an old man, keep silent and just there.

Insights into the most grate university history within the hundred years.


Everything of the university were start from this building.


In early 20th century

Ma xiangbo, Li denghui, Murphy

They set up the first schoolhouse

Which is the previous application of “xianghuitang”

We got have to say

The culture development took the nation building boom


The first dormitory,

2 layers, 97 rooms, 249 students

This charming dormitory

Was broken in empty by Japanese in the songhu war


10 years past….

“Xianghuitang” re-show its looks after the efforts by headmaster and peple

2layers concrete structure with grey tile roof

It looks succinct and guileless, solemn and atmosphere.

The whole build sent the cultural atmosphere


In 1984, Fudan University celebrate its 18th birthday

In order to memory Ma xiangbo and Li denghui

The building got a big retrofitting and named”xianghuitang”


In the recent several decades,

The students from the world together here

They grow up within the cultivating of the culture

And xianghuitang play the role as the most important place

 For teachers and students together

Undertake the responsibility of culture exchange

Years by years see the people and views here


In this term,

As the different application,

Xianghuitang experienced many times repairing and retrofitting

But no matter what the time

People always pay attention to the building


As the times passed….

The building appears the problem again because of the history

The structures are all have big or small issues

And can’t satisfied the people there anymore

Need to do the reinforcement right now


According to the design,

There are two parts in need of reinforcement

The first one

South room


The other one

North room

To retrofit to multifunctional theatre


The method of the reinforcement

Increase the section of the column to increase the load


Steel plated bonding and carbon fiber to reinforce the beam and floor

Make the old and new structures to be together for stressing


Second floor wood structure

Wood beam strengthening with steel plate bonding


Xianghuitang in the middle of the university

Represent the history and culture of the university

In its life


There were so many famous people and wonderful views

And keep silent  to company with the ages students there

This company just likes:


“the grass have its seeds, the wind sway the leaves

We stand here without any word

But enough beautiful”

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