Crack repair:Quanzhou bay bridge

strengthening by crack repair adheive and injection crack products

Quanzhou bay bridge

Quanzhou bay bridge, which is located in quanzhou city, fujian province, is an important part of quanzhou city expressway. The bridge is 12.45 kilometers long, points on the approach of land area, the south bank of shallow water approach (6 lanes), cockle each main jiang bridge, south shallow approach (eight lanes), the south bank of the deep zone main approach span, navigation (70 + 130 + 400 + 130 + 400 m) deep approach of twin towers of the composite beam cable-stayed bridge, the north, north shore shallow approach span, show besmear each main bridge of nine sections. The terminal is 14.22km long. The length of the sea bridge is 10km.

The main bridge has a span of 70m+130m+400m+130m+70m= 800m. The bridge is connected to the composite beam cable-stayed bridge (three-column gate tower). The bridge of the deep water zone adopts the 70m span prestressed concrete steel continuous beam composite structure; The bridge of shallow water is used as a continuous bridge of 50m span prestressed concrete. The main bridge of the land area is the continuous box girder with the prestressed concrete of 30m span.

Quanzhou span bay bridge was built in 2008. During the use of the bridge, the bridge load increased and the girder board appeared crack and so on because of the large amount of traffic and the loading of vehicles. Once the quanzhou bay bridge is completed, the relevant departments will inspect it safely every year and adopt certain maintenance measures. In view of the fracture problem of the beam plate, the fracture of the bridge is closed and the crack is closed.

Crack repair Quanzhou bay bridge

Reinforced product: Shanghai Horse Consrtction HM-120ML structure repair glue, HM-120L injection crack adhesive.

Reinforcement time: February 2015

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