Runyang Bridge

with concrete cracks repair glue and crack pouring glue to repair

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Runyang Bridge is located in the west side of Zhenjiang and Yangzhou cities in Jiangsu Province. It is a large bridge project with the largest engineering scale, the most technically complex suspension, cable-stayed and prestressed concrete continuous beam in the history of highway construction in China. It is the "four vertical and four horizontal four" road main skeleton and cross the Yangtze River highway channel planning an important part of Jiangsu Province. West of Nanjing about 100km, east of Shanghai about 300km.

The length of the bridge is 3565km long, mainly composed of the South Branch Suspension Bridge and the North Branch Cable-Stayed Bridge. The main bridge of the South Bridge is the steel box girder suspension bridge, the cable height is 209.9m, the two main cables are 0.868m in diameter and the span is 470m + 1490m + 470m; North Branch Bridge is the main double tower double cable plane steel box girder cable-stayed bridge, span arrangement is 175.4m + 406m + 175.4m, inverted Y-type cable tower height 146.9m, steel strand cable, steel Box girder bridge width. The bridge main span of 1385m is longer than the Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge 105m. The bridge construction to create a number of domestic first, a comprehensive reflection of China's current highway bridge construction of the highest level.

Runyang Bridge is completed serval years, in order to protect the traffic safety, the relevant departments every year for its physical examination. In the process of physical examination, it is found that the bridge structure is damaged and defective due to the increase of the service life,the large traffic flow and the long time in the partial load state. Some of the bridge deck are cracked and need to be strengthened.

The project started in 2012, the use of Shanghai HORSE HM-120 ML concrete cracks repair glue and HM-120L crack pouring glue to repair and other reinforcement materials.

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